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Black Crockery | Vase

by Max Lamb

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This ceramic small vase is part of a remastered collection of fine bone china tableware in black by Max Lamb. A simple yet rugged little posy vase, it is slip-cast from plaster models carved by hand, part of the Crockery collection, which is a favourite of Makers & Brothers. It has a glazed interior for greater functionality and a raw exterior reflecting the modest surface texture of the plaster original. 

Max Lamb is a man of action and his work is often the result of the process of its making. To create Crockery, Max Lamb eschews the traditional process of slip-casting by acting as both designer and model-maker. Using the tools of a stonemason, he chips and carves a solid block of plaster to make a jug, bowl or vase the design of each formed quite simply out of their own making.

Crockery is a growing collection commissioned by 1882 Ltd based in Staffordshire, a family business now run by daughter Emily.

Material: Vlack stoneware
Dimensions: H8 x Ø6.5cm




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