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The hidden and humble root vegetable introduced to Europe in the 16th Century that has since become uniquely associated with Ireland. The hardy tuber has a deep and emotive narrative. The Lumper, once the most prevalent food source in Ireland, is now grown on only one farm.

An oddity in bronze, Lumper is a memento with a wonderfully curious form and is presented with an essay by celebrated Irish chef Darina Allen. 

Designed by Makers & Brothers and made by Bronze Art Foundry, the Lumper is part of The Souvenir Project - a gathering of objects with meaning and depth that softly speak of a time and place. A new collection of objects that explore our local context and questions what a souvenir might be, each souvenir embodies cultural and material characteristics unique to Ireland and of each of their designers and makers. 

Materials: Bronze
Dimensions: 7 x 5.5cm




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